The Viral Cheesy Korean Corn Dog!

Our corn dogs are handmade daily from scratch. Choose from whole cheese, whole sausage, or try both with a half & half. We highly recommend topping them off with our signature spicy mayo sauce.

New item! Fresh cold pressed sugarcane juice from our family's farm. 100% juice, no added water or sugar.

It's tofu pudding season!!

There's nothing like a warm bowl of silky tofu pudding with creamy milk foam and boba on a cold day. They are cooked fresh everyday. Come early to get yours, once they're sold out, they're sold out.

Come check out our seasonal item: Green jello drink. This plant-based green jello is made from 2 ingredients: Tiliacora triandra leaves & water. It is a native Vietnamese treat that is cooling and replenishing on a hot summer day. Jelly dew leaves have many benefits and cooling properties. They have the effect of detoxifying, cooling the liver and body. They also contain many antioxidants, help with anti-aging, keep skin young and beautiful.